Life In Verse

Family Jewels

©2004 by P. Newman-Harris

Your family jewels are right before your eyes
Cleverly disguised
Within each family there are hidden treasures to be found.
Take the time and look around
Within the pages of our history are stories of dreams unfulfilled,
Painted pictures of life’s valleys and hills
The older generation is the key
Talk with them whenever there is a window of opportunity
They are eager to have someone listen to what they have to say.
Their words are maps that will lead the way.
We are traveling a road from which they have already come.
They are a reservoir of wisdom.
Treasure them, love them, and lay hold to all they know.
Their wisdom will enable you to grow.
Your family jewels are right before your eyes
Cleverly disguised
In the face of a loving Grandmother,
Or a wise and faithful Grandfather
Who was able to overcome life’s challenges and remain strong
An entire life long.
They are the hidden treasures of the heart
That will never part.
Treasure your jewels and keep them secure.
It is only through them that the history of our people will endure.


3 Responses to Life In Verse

  1. Bonita Joy Dymally says:

    Kori and Pat,

    You both have been given the gift of poetry. I am so proud of you both. Expression of oneself brings true happiness, and sharing words of wisdom help others get through the storm, feel peace and provides a sence of hope.

    Keep up the good work, and may GOD continue to wrap his arms around you both, thereby allowing your words to constantly flow into the lives of others.


    Your Cousin “Joy”

  2. P. Newman-Harris says:

    Thank you Joy for your comments and your continual support. I didn’t start wriing as young as Korie. She has a lot of years left to continue to be an inspiration through her dance and now through her writing. Her dance and her writing definitely reveal her heart and love for God. We are all proud of you Korie.

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