Poetry is Life

I Live and Breathe Poetry
Patricia Newman Harris ©

Just like some people crave coffee
I crave poetry
I make no apologies
I live and breathe poetry
Should my poetic flow
One day suddenly go
And my pen become dry,
I’d just shrivel up and die
Having nothing to share
Is my worst nightmare
No poet’s cupboard should ever be bare
They should always have a word to feed a hungry spirit
In their emergency kit
Every time I go without writing
I start this infernal nail biting.
I find myself wondering when
The dry spell will end
And the words once again spill from my mind
Like fine wine.
I yearn for those vintage thoughts that give one reason to pause.
Not that I’m looking for applause.
No one has to tell me I did good.
I hope that’s understood.
I don’t need accolades
Cause those things will surely fade
I just have a simple love for poetry that I can’t define
It’s my lifeline
In an ever-pressing world
Where problem after problem seems to unfurl
I’m sure somebody here can relate
My sanity is at stake
Poetry is my inner peace
That makes the noises cease
I live and breathe poetry
It sets my spirit free
Poetry is the wind beneath my wings
It makes my heart sing
And my spirit soar
It is life’s open door
It’s that quiet in the midst of the storm
That makes my spirit feel reborn
So, I pray my well doesn’t ever run dry.
I want to keep writing until I die.
Even then, I want my writing to live on
Long after I’m gone
Bringing comfort to the comfortless
And rest to the restless
I want it to be a source of inspiration
And revelation
I want my words to be a source of encouragement
To those who live in constant torment
Then and only then will my time here have been well-spent
Does that make sense to anyone but me?
Or am I the only one here that lives and breathes poetry?


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