History Next Door

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”
 Martin Luther King, Jr.

In February we celebrate Black History Month. Traditionally programs are held, and great  deeds, inventions and accomplishments are recounted that make us proud. One thing we miss is the history in our own networks. How many of our elderly family members have we interviewed as part of this celebration? Have we written down their stories to pass on? What about members of our churches, our neighbors and friends?

Heroes and heroines aren’t just found in history books we dust off once a year in February. Celebrate the strong men and women in our own families, churches and neighborhoods who have survived hardships, thrived despite challenges and can inspire us to great things.  History is at your fingertips with a phone call to an older relative. History is a few steps or a short car ride away. Collect those stories and honor those who came before you.

Family Friend, Circa 1946

Wedding of Jack and Dorothy Hemphill, 1950s

Poems to Celebrate Black History

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