Everyday Heroes

“We are everyday people.” Sly and the Family Stone

Often we ask, “What is a hero?” We look for grand gestures, like a pilot saving an  airplane full of people with the calm assurance that boggles the mind. Yes, that’s a great example. Yet we can all be heroes. Everyday people can make just one choice and become a hero. You may never make the news, but what matters is the difference you make.

We have to change our mindsets from, “What little I do doesn’t make it difference”, to one that embodies the spirit of an old story often told. A man stands on a beach putting one starfish after another back in the water. Thousands are still stranded on the sand destined to perish, and his efforts seem hopeless. According to the old story someone asked why he even tried when faced with such odds and so many were left. He gently tossed another starfish back into the sea and replied, “I made a difference for that one”. That’s all it takes.

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