Living Full At Any Age

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”
William Wallace

American culture celebrates youth.  Recently a friend told me, “I’m fifty. It’s all downhill from here.” Nope. I choose to live, not wait around to die because I’m of a “certain age.” How sad that our culture actually supports this “downhill” way of thinking. I encouraged her, and hopefully helped lift her spirits.


Stores about people like Grandpa Elliot  are why I come back to my ” look up and go to the top” attitude when I get down. Grandpa Elliot spent decades entertaining tourists in the French Quarter of New Orleans for what amounted to pocket change. The one day a documentary project called Playing for Change made a video of the sixty-five year old and put it on YouTube. You guessed it, the video went viral, and the accompanying CD sold 250 millions copies. Grandpa Elliot has released a debut album.

Downhill? Grandpa Elliot doesn’t think so!

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2 Responses to Living Full At Any Age

  1. Love the William Wallace quote. So true! Found you on blogcatalog. We’ll be back!

  2. lynnemery says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

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