Christmas is about seeing a light in the distance even in the dark,  like the Star of Bethlehem bearing a message of hope. The message in this poem is keep looking,  you’ll find hope in the most surprising places and most ordinary things. You may even find peace in a hospital room.

Here In This Room  by   P. Newman Harris


Upon entering this room,

I found nothing but gloom.

No beautiful pictures adorned the wall,

situated at the end of a cold empty hall.

Away from home,

I felt so alone.

I had no choice.

I had to listen to my inner voice.

I found this to be a challenge at best.

I didn’t know if I would pass the test.

After two days of silence, things became so clear.

I heard things I wouldn’t ordinarily hear.

Outside, we are too busy to listen to our inner most thoughts,

there is always some battle to be fought.

Each and every day,

There are demons to slay.

I began to realize though I was in this room alone,

I didn’t have to feel alone.

Instead of resentment,

I allowed myself to feel contentment,

I began to see things in a different light.

Thank God for the window.

Every morning and every night, he put on a majestic show.

I found myself gazing at the twinkling lights,

Shining and sparkling against a skyline of black,

I never had time to enjoy something as simple as that.

I watched the trees,

Swaying in the breeze.

I watched the people come and go,

in a continuous flow.

As I began to see things I wouldn’t ordinarily see,

I realized this is exactly where I was supposed to be.

 I am so thankful I was not blind and unable to see,

The things God allowed me to see.

Here in this room,

What I learned is this,

When we go through life too fast,

It’s the little treasures we miss.

I don’t know what awaits you,

Here in this room.

But may I suggest this to you?

Enjoy the solitude.

Lay your soul nude,

Watch the sun rise and set aglow,

Amidst a canvas of blue,

God painted just for you.

Allow your soul to feast,

On God’s platter of peace,

And you will not only begin to feel,

You will also begin to heal.

As I turn out the light,

On this my last night,

My thoughts are of you,

All those who will pass through.

I pray you will find peace, healing and rest,

Most of all, may your soul be blessed,

Here in this room.


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4 Responses to Hope

  1. Nice sister. Happy New Year.
    Hope 2010 will be a peaceful year 😉

  2. sibel says:

    thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

  3. Barkha Dhar says:

    An enchanting poem that beautifully expresses the abundance of peace inside us.

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