Warm Feet, Warm Heart

“Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.”  Og Mandino

Little Hannah Turner was helping her mother serve meals at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving Day. She saw something that bothered her a lot: a man with ragged shoes and no socks. She offered him her own tiny socks. The next day she and her mother donated  100 pairs of socks to the shelter, and started a non-profit organization. All based on one simple wish from Hannah: “I want them to know we care.” You see she wasn’t just thinking of that day, and that meal she handed to this man. She was thinking of more than just feeding him. She lived up to the quote above about thinking beyond one act of charity. She wanted homeless people to know someone thought about them beyond Thanksgiving Day. How many of us would have gone home feeling good about doing that good deed for the day, but not thinking about the next day for those we’d served? Hannah saw beyond one need, one meal and one day. Hooray for Hannah and her mama!


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