We Remember

A Tribute in Poetry by Patricia Newman Harris


  Looking back on that faithful day, 9/11/2001,

It is still hard to believe what was done

It’s like a nightmare without end.

Just reading the facts about that day made it all begin again

In every way, i t was an ordinary day

On the East Coast, the workday was in full swing.

On the West Coast we were still trying to get into full swing.

People got dressed and left their loved ones not knowing then

That some would never to be seen again

Husbands, wives, fathers, daughters, sons, co-workers and friends


The World Trade Center, gone,

The Pentagon, gone

2,993 souls, gone

It is a difficult place to revisit, but revisit we must

Remember, we must

As much as we would like to forget,

9/11 is forever written on the pages of our history

The facts of that day will always be.

As Americans, we can look that day in the face

And feel no disgrace.

As a nation, we came through

We did what we had to do

So, to you and you and you,

                                      I say thank you                                       

But the work will never be through

We still have things we must do

As a nation, it is our duty and our call to continue the fight

For all that is right

As American’s, on this 9/11 and every one to come,

we shall stand with pride

For the families of everyone that died

To the 2,993

May your souls fly free.

As flags all over the nation this day begin to fly

We lift our eyes to the sky

We click or heels and raise our hands in salute

This we will continue to do,

Giving honor where honor is due















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One Response to We Remember

  1. Dmobile215 says:

    Well I have been in America all my life and I just really have mixed emotions about 9/11 I really am sad about the loses however I really do not believe that news media and what they want us to believe, there are a lot of stories what happened. So we just have to let god handle this matter.

    I really do not know what to say about this but god bless the family and all the friends and family members who lost someone.

    I can say some of the political situations that are going on is why we have these problems now, and its not going to get better it will become an on going battle we will never know the truth unless god reveals all to us.

    To make a long story short we were and are in a system with to many wrong doers in our White House and running our government. Not to mention was has never been the answer just a way for US to setup another reason to make things go wrong. I really am not going to put our nation down but there are a lot of facts about what really happened. I write myself as well and I have a blog I am going to post at the end of this post and I just really wish we did not have all of the problems we have here one day we all will have a fresh start and this will not matter but will not be forgotten.

    http://www.polishyt.blogspot.com = Political Mess

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