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“Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”   Stanislaw Lec

American culture almost worships youth. Billions of dollars are spent on products to help us look and feel young. Recently I was having lunch at work with other middle-aged co-workers when one woman told us she’d overheard a younger employee say, “Why don’t all these old people just leave?” We laughed hard over that one. Why? Because the collective knowledge and history leaving with them  would probably lead to chaos for those youngsters.

Frankly I want to feel and look my best. Yet I also realize that the experience and wisdom that comes with age is a huge bonus. So I don’t dread birthdays. I celebrate what I’ve accomplished and learned over the years. I also value folks older than me because of what I learn from them.

So young people- look at older folks as one of your greatest assets. You can learn a lot from them. Don’t be too quick to wish they’d just get out of your way because they’ve been down the same roads you’re traveling right now. The best maps are drawn by people who have been to those places before!

As we get older we should stop feeling embarrassed about telling our age. Think of yourself as a work of art instead!

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