Get Happy!

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.   Aeschylus

Most unhappy people I’ve met either blame others or they blame themselves. Either way the person claims they have no control over helping themselves. I’m not talking about someone suffering from clinical depression. As a social worker I know the difference. I’m talking about people who come up with all kinds of excuses why, “I can’t change what’s happening to me.” For the most part being happy is a choice, and to change a situation one has to start making new choices and stop old patterns of behavior. This is tough, which is why blaming other people or circumstances is easier. As a therapist I know that happiness isn’t complicated. The complicated, difficult part is changing your thought patterns that lead to bad choices. Here are tips to make yourself happier. Sounds simple, but unless you do the hard work of changing your view, attitude or thought patterns you won’t see the value in simple things that make a huge difference. The good news is you can do it.

Tips To Get Happier!

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