Kicking It!

“There’s hope for everyone. That’s what makes the world go round.”    Paul Auster

Isn’t it amazing the unique ways we can find to help, inspire and lift up each other? Being a social worker I’m used to the old school methods. Here in America the first thing people do is study the situation. Once the research is done they write papers. Then they apply for grants. Typically they decide we need to set up some kind of program.

Then there are the people who just think so far outside the box some people still in the box think, “That’s crazy!”

Some crazy person came up with the idea to have a world cup soccer tournament for homeless people, and for it to be global no less. Insane? Crazy like a fox!

Kicking It, a film documentary about the Homeless World Cup, will be shown at the Sundance Festival this year. And by the way, there are numerous success stories about people who were homeless, addicted and hopeless who turned their lives around as a result of being apart of the Homeless World Cup.

j0422162.jpg   Read about the Homeless World Cup

pop-ron-miller.jpg   Ron Miller is a member of Team USA. Read his story

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2 Responses to Kicking It!

  1. regina says:

    Nice post. That is an interesting idea.
    I do beleive in your first plan of action you left out one key step…
    Before they apply for the grants they form the COMMITTEES, and have all the committee meetings (this part is 6-12 monts by itself!)
    Only in America…
    Blessings to you & yours

  2. lynnemery says:

    Regina, you are so right! I forgot about those endless committee meetings LOL I’ve suffered through enough of them that maybe I blocked them out so I wouldn’t remember the pain :o)

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