Joy To The World!


Great Is His Name


Oh come let us exalt our Savior at his birth,

For great is his name in all the earth.

As the spirit of joy fills the air,

Let every heart prepare,

To share the news of our Savior’s birth,

For he came to bring peace on earth.

Tell the story,

Tell of his glory.

Let joy bells ring, let every heart sing,

For unto us is born a Savior, Master, Lord and King.

                                                                                                                   By P. Newman Harris




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3 Responses to Joy To The World!

  1. himalman says:

    May your holiday season be as beautiful as a Winter Wonderland! Merry Christmas ! I would like to invite you to watch : Christmas Eve in Poland…. some traditional recipes /Version english, french, polish/:

  2. Anna says:

    Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting.Good luck to all of you. And I’m sure you’ll do fine. Really. Just fine.

  3. regina says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! May God Bless and Keep you, and may you get all that your heart desires!
    Blessings, Regina!

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