Got Milk?

“Mothers are the necessity of invention.”  Bill Watterson

Jill Youse is determined, creative and a hard working mama. She had extra breast milk and started looking for a way not to waste it. Isn’t that just like a mama? She found an orphanage in South Africa that cares for babies with HIV. Breast milk is good for babies because it has all kinds of immune properties that aren’t found in baby formula. Babies infected with the HIV virus do so much better when fed breast milk. When Jill found the orphanage on the Internet she wasn’t deterred by the challenge of finding a way to ship the milk they needed. Just like we always knew- there is no substitute for a mother’s love in any form!

Babies Got Milk? Yes!








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2 Responses to Got Milk?

  1. Very inspiring. I wonder how she DOES ship it?

  2. lynnemery says:

    Prolacta, a company that sells milk products for babies, has been paying for the shipping cost for the Jill’s non-profit. Since the number of donations grew exponentially the cost has become prohibitive. So they buy then milk from the Breast Milk Project and ship 25% of the donated milk to Africa. Now this may have changed since the article.

    I’ve since learned that there are at least two other such programs- HMBANA and MilkShare

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