Great Love


 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mohandas Gandhi

Rose Mapendo is proof that a name can truly embody the person. Her last name means “great love” in Swahili. A former refugee who suffered horrific personal loss, Ms. Mapendo is determined to help others who have suffered such abuse. She is reaching out to others- this working single mother of ten children who had to move a world away, learn to read and write and navigate an alien culture.  Her photo belongs next to the word “hero” in dictionaries!


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2 Responses to Great Love

  1. fefe70 says:

    I’ll admit that one of the best technological inventions i really admire is blogging,without which we couldn’t have had the opportunities to meet wonderful people and even have the possibility to exchange ideas with them.I bless this day for mistakenly stumbling on your site and i’ll reveal to you that it’s one of the best so far.keep up with the work and may God give us many more”great loves”-mapendo,Rose more grease to your elbows!

  2. Regina says:

    Wow, that was interesting!


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