Hope Out of Darkness

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world a better place.”             Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 When is the right time to temper justice with mercy? We struggle with balancing holding people accountable without ruining the rest of their young lives. In the case of the Jena Six few reasonable people, including their parents, have suggested they just walk away without serious consequences. But decades long sentences? Even a possible life sentence? Voices were raised like candles against the darkness.  Bloggers have been like beacons, petitions signed by tens of thousands added to the light. There is hope and maybe life will be better in Jena, Louisiana because local officials have been thrust into a bright, hot spotlight.

j0296989.gif   Appeals Court Overturns Conviction of one of the Jena 6

“The time is always right to do what is right.”  Rev.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Find a good summary of events leading to this controversy from someone who traveled to Jena, LA to get the whole story:   Jena Six

j0390594.jpgYouTube Video with the Facts!

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2 Responses to Hope Out of Darkness

  1. Manchild says:

    Hello Lynn,

    Excellent!! Thank you for making all these informative links available to your readers. If you don’t mind, I would like tho share these post via a link back to this post to help curtail some of the rumors surrounding this egregious example of judicial inequality and injustice.


  2. Yeah, CNN is doing a Justice in Jena report tonight.

    Take care,

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