The Gift of Fathers


June is a fine month to celebrate fathers. We’re entering summer and that’s when dads love to barbecue! Well, maybe not all fathers. Still let’s give some love to fathers everywhere. These men, the ones who stick to it, are doing a hard and often thankless job most of the year. There is an old saying that says the older we get the smarter dad seems to get. So true. As an adult you finally get sense enough to realize the old guy actually knew what he was talking about all those years! So give your father a hug. Even better say, “You know, dad, you were right.” Just pick any topic he ever expounded on or advice he ever gave you and give dad the satisfaction of hearing those words. That just might be the gift dad prizes most of all!

In honor of my father the late

 Joseph Emery


To Fathers Everywhere

Happy Father’s Day!

May you have rich blessings and joyous memories with your children.


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