In Rememberance

j0341620.jpg   Paying Tribute To Heroes

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2 Responses to In Rememberance

  1. Hi Kim,
    I feel like I’m traveling the country with you on this virtual tour. I’m so proud of the strides you’re making in the literary world. You are truly a gifted writer and your family should be proud of Roux In The Gumbo.

    Love & Peace,

  2. Kim Robinson says:

    I am really glad you feel that way, I got all the stories straight from the horses mouth.

    I loved your book Vanessa and I suggest it to people when they lose some one and they really do think that is helpful with the grieving process

    I Think that if you were to write your family history it would be enthralling especially since you are in Louisiana and refuse to leave there and come live in Texas with me

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