Dreams Never Grow Old or Retire

May you live everyday of your life.” Jonathan Swift 

Dreams are wonderfully democratic. Despite what young people think, dreaming and creativity occur at any age. You might slow down, but you don’t stop. I was always inspired watching elderly women in my old neighborhood. They had a zest for life, laughed often and even got up to mischief! Even those who had rough early lives seemed able to enjoy themselves. Aches, pains and creaky joints didn’t stop them. They taught me not to stress about getting older or think all the good stuff would be behind me once I hit a certain age. I was blessed with these sassy role models.

Here is an inspiring story of a man who sold his first book at age 93. He wrote about his painful early life as a way to deal with loneliness after his beloved wife of 70 years died. Yet he didn’t just stick his manuscript in a drawer. He sent it off to publishers. Now everyone will not sell a book. But Mr. Bernstein proves one thing- no matter how old you are you can have hope for the future. He could have said, “At my age nobody is going to buy my book and besides my life is over. By  the time they answer I’ll be dead.” Not Harry. As a matter of fact he’s working on his second book. I want to be like him and my neighbor ladies when I grow up!

Author at 96    j0289913.jpg

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