People + Technology = Love

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”                        Henry David Thoreau


Years ago when computers began to become popular with the general public, as opposed to just scientists, there were protests that this was too “cold and mechanical”. Later when use of the Internet and e-mail gained mass popularity there were cries of people becoming isolated and those who complained we would lose the human touch. What these “old schoolers” didn’t foresee was how technology would connect us rather cutting us off from one another. Technology has connected us in ways we could not have predicted. Even ten years ago who could have predicted sites like YouTube and My Space or blogs that would create communities with no geographical boundaries? Now we can instantly talk around the world instead of waiting days to get a letter. We can afford to keep in touch rather than ration expensive long distance phone calls. Technology has enhanced and extended the human touch. As usual those put off by computers forgot one important factor-  the human element.  Tools, no matter how simple or complex, are controlled by people. Just as we have used inventions to create problems, we are infinitely creative in using them to accomplish good.  

Infinite Family Founder & CEO Amy Conrad Stokes looked at computers, web cams and broadband and didn’t only see plastic, metal, wires and cold technology. Amy saw a way to find families & mentors for African children left orphaned by the AIDS crisis. Thoreau was so right- it’s what you see that matters!

Infinite Family


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