“Can Do” Spirit!

 If you think you can’t do anything, you probably won’t.  Maisie DeVore


Hard tasks, big challenges and facing tough odds can make us question ourselves. It’s worse if you already had self-doubts about about your ability to achieve, change for the better or make a difference in the world. Those self-doubts can make you see only obstacles and impossibilities. That’s the time to look outward for inspiration. Search for a role model, someone who has climbed a high mountain in spite of the odds. But don’t just look at “famous” people. Look around your family, neighborhood or church. You’ll find people who can not only inspire you to take action on your dreams, they will more than likely be willing to advise and help you as well.

Here is one such “ordinary lady”. Maisie DeVore is an amazingly patient lady who spent thirty years sowing seeds. She had faith that despite appearances she was on her way to reaching her goal. I’ll bet there were those who thought she was a little touched in the head or who shook their heads while laughing as she collected scrap metal. Maisie didn’t care. She had the faith of a mustard seed.

One Can At A Time

Go on, reach for the stars!

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