Blessings In Disguise


We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.               Maya Angelou

Jennifer Hudson now looks back on her humiliating ejection from American Idol with gratitude. Now at the time who could have predicted that her defeat was really a victory in disguise? Yet Jennifer now realizes that had she won American Idol she would not have been available to audition for DreamGirls. Now the winner of  a Golden Globe and Academy Award (Best Supporting Actress) Jennifer realizes that Simon did her a big favor.

Hard times, tough breaks, heartache, loss- there are many ways to describe events and situations that bring us sadness, even despair. Yet the old cliche “blessing in disguise” can be very true. How many times did you go through something that tore your heart into pieces? Later on did you get a blessing, a benefit or some kind of gain because of what you went through? Not that we look forward to being in distress or getting hurt. Still as tough as it may be look beyond the pain and remember that you are “going through”, which means another old saying is just as true: trouble don’t lasts always. When you are passing through that means you won’t stay in the same place of pain, defeat and heartbreak. At least you don’t have to, but you must press on and look ahead to see the sunshine beyond the thunderstorm. Yes, I know how hard that can be. But remember, you’re going through. Life is a journey. You can do can be more than a survivor, you can be a thriver.


Jennifer Hudson Interview  Listen to the words of the song at the end of this interview. Truly a beautiful message!

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