More Than Just The Game


Therefore search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.  Albert Schweitzer

March Madness is here once again. Yet LeBron James is about a lot more than dunking, important as that is to sports fans! The James Family Foundation was established to give kids in single parent homes facing adversities a leg up, from a pair of very famous and talented legs indeed. LeBron and his mother have been blessed and they are in turn spreading the blessings around.

Many times middle-class and wealthy blacks are criticized for not giving back, for being too much about the bling and not about help-ing. Not LeBron. In fact, that generalization is no more true than others. I have met many giving, caring people who are trying to make a difference. So I don’t buy that old accusation.

j0422737.jpg  The James Family Foundation

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