Let It Rain


Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.   Langston Hughes

Doesn’t it seem like troubles always travel in a group? A chorus of “Amen” always greets the old saying, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s two”. One thing goes wrong, then here comes another trouble to keep the first one company in case it gets lonely. Sometimes trouble seems to fall like rain drops, too fast and too many to count. Trying to find the meaning in all the problems, the answer to the question “Why is this happening?” can lead to frustration and despair. In my years as a social worker and counselor I’ve noticed one thing about people who are are resilient even after going through horrible events- they find the strength to move past the grief phase and work to create some good from their troubles.

Great contributions have been made as the result of what seemed a crushing tragedy. Losing a child seems like an event a parent could never overcome. Yet people like John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted) struggle through the pain to help countless others. He still isn’t sure who murdered his son, but despite the agony he decided to work for change.

I thought about the idea of changing tragedy to triumph when I read the quote from Langston Hughes. Most of the time we use rain as a metaphor for troubles, yet Hughes seems to say that we should pay attention to rain and see the good that comes from it. The same can be said of troubles. Trouble can lead to good. Seems illogical but it’s true. I’ve found the people who heal best and come out whole despite scars left behind by tragedy are people who decided to somehow create good out of the bad. Can you think of someone you know who was able to use their troubles to make a difference for others? Maybe that someone is you!

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