Speaking Truth To Power


Patricia Newman Harris is a poet/writer who lives in the Los Angeles, CA area. She has been writing for fifteen years. Next year she hopes to retire and devote her time to publishing a poetry collection entitled Living The Dream. She contributed five wonderful poems to Be Encouraged. Below is her inspiring guest post.

When I received my Esssence Magazine this month I received a Black History Month Special Issue. Inside, there was an interview with Maya Angelou and a copy of her poem entitled A Pledge to Rescue Our Youth. For a long time now, I have been writing a collection of poems that I pray will inspire our children to be all they can be. I was so moved by this piece because I could hear the power of our ancestors speaking through Maya Angelou’s words. Oh, that our ears would hear and our eyes would finally see. For a long time now, we have been silent wihen it comes to our youth. As adults, we woe our children a future that is bright. If we see them going in the wrong direction, we have to do all we can do to turn them around. We have to leave them a legacy that they can be proud of, we have to enable them to see that they can be whatever they aspire to be. We have to teach them how to live the dream. We have to show them that we are the embodiment of our ancestors and, as such, we have an inherent power within us to rise beyond our circumstances. We have to help them aspire to be keepers of the flame of hope ignited by Dr. Martin Luther Kind, Jr. To do anything less would be a travesty and an injustice to those who sacrificed and died so that we could have the opportunities that we have today.

  P. Newman Harris

Nothing will work unless you do.  Maya Angelou, author & poet

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