He Never Let Go

There comes a time in all our lives when we’re at the end of our rope. We feel so hopeless  that we don’t have the energy to tie a knot and hang on. Even when we’re going through a rough spot we can help somebody else. The tendency at those times is to turn inward, to focus on your own sorrows and bad breaks. Some even become selfish thinking, “Nobody helped me so I’m looking after me, myself and I. Don’t ask me for nothin’!” This happens especially when you have been hurt or disappointed by those you thought would be there for you. Even more reason to resist this particular temptation. As my pastor said in a sermon your experience may be God’s way of preparing you to bless someone else. Don’t let your own troubles blind you to the opportunities to help someone else. Hard as it might be, don’t withdraw into bitterness, cutting yourself off from those around you.  Reach out. You might even save a life. Read the story below and think about this, a man forgot his own circumstances and didn’t let go.


 Hold On! 

Here is a wonderful article on reaching our full potential as human beings:  Understanding

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